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Business Opportunity


Business Opportunity

Congratulations for showing interest in our Business Opportunity. Please read very carefully what we are and how you can benefit from this Global Wellness Revolution happening all around the world... Your background is important but not mandatory for you to be part of this.

What we are?

A US-based Company which has:

  • a) 29 Years of Experience in the field of wellness,
  • b) Officially operating in 70 Countries in the field of health and lifestyle
  • c) Turnover of $3.8 Billion in year 2008 going to be $5 billion
  • d) Publicly Traded Company in New York Stock Exchange...with growing financial status.
  • e) World Leader in the Wellness Industry, we deal in international distribution of goods and services

What we offer...

We offer you a Business opportunity to work with us to achieve the kind of income you want and the kind of lifestyle you want to live.

  • - We have a strong proven system in place
  • - Specialized Training and support for all people, ensuring success
  • - A personalized Mentor who will help you walk on the stairs of success
  • - All kinds of training materials to give you the knowledge and confidence in the form of Literature's, audio, video, websites...

What we Need...

  • - Someone with a burning desire to be extraordinary in their life
  • - Someone who is teachable & willing to change his/her financial future... desire to make Rs.50,000 to one Lac p.m.
  • - Someone who is willing to put 2-3hrs (part time) or 6-8hrs (full time) per day
  • - Someone who is willing to execute and develop leadership skills...

We have people of your profile already associated with us and earning income of Rs.50,000 to Rs.1 Lac and above p.m. and living a lifestyle that most of us dream of including lot of foreign travel and vacations.

We have a selection system that eliminates the people that are not serious and allows us to work with those who are committed to work and get successful. We are willing to train you and work with you to help you secure your financial future. But remember we only work with those that truly have the desire and ambition to work. The only thing that we can not give you, but is required, is that you have the desire and that you are teachable. Are you teachable?

If yes, we have put together a Selection Event, that helps us provide you with full information about our business and first hand information from people who have used this system to their advantage of how, why and what we are doing. An event which introduces you to the background of our Industry and its track records shows you how the business activities are conducted and how you can take part with our sound, legally approved business. We will be there with you to assist you get started at the end of the event.

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