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Inner Nutrition

Herbalife offers products that are custom designed to help people achieve optimum health. Build a solid nutritional foundation with weight management products and meet our body’s individual needs with dietary supplements. Whatever you goals, Herbalife has the products to help you do more.

Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix
Balanced nutrition,
Lose/Maintain/Gain Weight
Formula 2 Multi-Vitamin & Herbal Tablets
Provides essential micro-nutrients and botanical factors
Formula 3 Personalized Protein Powder
Ideal protein supplement
Cell Activator
Helps in Nutrition Absorption & to improve Energy production of body.
Activated Fiber
Cleanses the system & Supports digestive and intestinal health
Helps body to Shape-up & Fight Cellulite
Aloe Plus
Immune booster & Stomach soother
Balanced Nutrition for children
Provides Instant Energy & improves mental concentration
For bone health and for maintaining bone mass
Herbal Lifeline
This exclusive blend of highly refined marine lipids

Outer Nutrition

Just like your body, your skin needs nourishment to look its best and be healthy. NouriFusion MultiVitamin skin essentials provide basic nutrition and basic care to help keep your skin looking and feeling great.

MultiVitamin Normal to Dry Lotion Cleanser MultiVitamin Normal to Dry Toner MultiVitamin Normal to Dry Moisturizer SPF 15
MultiVitamin Normal to Oily Foaming Gel Cleanser MultiVitamin Normal to Oily Toner MultiVitamin Normal to Oily Moisturizer SPF 15
MultiVitamin Eye Cream MultiVitamin Eye Gel MultiVitamin Night Cream
MultiVitamin Moisture Mask MultiVitamin Clarifying Mask MultiVitamin Exfoliating Scrub